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Carrie Box Swimming Pool Skimmer Net 15" x 13"

  • Widened and inclined front lip enables quick & easy dirt scooping
  • Large volume 13" netting for heavy duty cleaning
  • Durable reinforced frame
  • Designed in USA

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The widened and inclined front lip enables quick & easy dirt scooping from your pool. Enjoy the ideal design that makes it easier to glide and maneuver the skimmer along the pools surface while providing extra scooping power for faster and easier pool cleaning. Efficiently cleanup leaves, bugs and debris while assuring that no damage is done to the pool liners.


The large volume 13" netting combined with the scoop design enables the collection of more debris at a time and keeps the leaves within the net while maneuvering the pool rake though out the pool. Designed for heavy duty cleaning tasks, this pool net tackles dirt, debris, and algae, ensuring a pristine swimming environment for you and your family to enjoy.


Designed with love in the USA, the heavy duty pool leaf skimmer net features an extra durable frame combined with a premium, chemical-resistant, fine mesh net that effectively cleans out dirt, leaving your pool clean and inviting. Suitable for both inground and above ground pools.


The handle is equipped with a user-friendly EZ-Clip that enables easy and quick attachment to any standard telescopic pool poles (1-1/4“) without pinching or jamming your fingers. Pole not included!